The best thing about this area is the complex coast line. You’re virtually guaranteed a wave, no matter what the wind or swell direction dishes out. The waves typically range from 2-8 feet, with bigger swells during peak season (June – Sept). Most of the waves fall into the intermediate to advanced category.

    •  Only 5 minutes north of Amy’s Place, is Krui Left, known for its mechanical barrels and forgiving reef.

    • On the other side of the small bay is Krui Right, which is not quite as forgiving but just as much fun.

    • There are 3 waves within walking distance (maybe more ~wink), but since this area isn’t yet packed with surfers, we’ll leave it to you to “discover” them.

    • 15 minutes in either direction are incredibly fun beach breaks. To the south is Mandiri, and to the north is La’ai (sometimes called LA)

    • The most well known wave in South Sumatra is Ujung Bocor (often simply called The Point), 30 minutes south of Amy’s Place, a left-hander where you’ll score the longest waves of your trip. Rides of 200+ meters/yards are common.

    • Another 10 minutes south of The Point is Way Jambu, also known as Sumatran Pipe.

    • An hour’s drive north will bring you to Jenny’s Right, Honeysmacks (AKA A-Bomb), Jimmy’s Right and Left (in that order), not to mention all the waves in between.

    • On smaller swells, a short boat ride over to Banana Island will provide you with waves and that feeling of taking the road less traveled.

Southern Sumatra is the one-stop shopping of surfing. Show up with your sense of adventure and you’ll be rewarded.


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