Things Amy’s Place is NOT liable for

~ theft, illness, damage or loss of personal property, and (god-forbid) death, while traveling to/from or staying at Amy’s Place
~ internet/booking related problems with your reservation
~ delays caused by terrorism, war, civil unrest, natural disasters.. anything obviously & completely out of our control.
~ legal matters relating to crime, drugs, violence, or any unlawful behaviour whether in Indonesia or any other country on this planet.
~ airline or taxi excess baggage charges, departure tax from Indonesia, visa on arrival charge, cost of travel insurance, if you overstay your visa
~ your actions
~ extra expenses, such as eating outside of Amy’s Place
~ your visa or visa extensions
~ refunding your deposit
~ your reservation if you have not paid the deposit

Things Amy’s Place CAN/WILL do

~ cancel your accommodation due to disrespectful/inappropriate behaviour. Absolutely no refunds
~ cancel your reservation (without refunding the deposit) if full payment is not made 30 days prior to arrival
~ adjust prices due to circumstances outside of our control, whether this is before, during, or after your booking, until full payment is received.
~ change the terms & conditions
~ refund a portion of your payment (less the deposit), if you provide more than 30 days notice of your cancellation. Less than 30 days = No Refunds.This is an excellent reason for you to get travel insurance
~ assist you in any way we can, provided it doesn’t put another guest in danger, however you are traveling in remote area AT YOUR OWN RISK, UNDER YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY
~ alter travel plans should a situation arise that’s beyond our control

Things Amy’s Place has made you aware of

~ travel insurance is your best friend, & is not the responsibility of Amy’s Place. Get it.
~ you need 6 months validity on your passport for Indonesia to give you entry. Otherwise, you’re on the next flight home
~ you will be issued a 30 day VOA (visa on arrival) at the airport. This is non-extendable. Cost is US$35
~ international departure tax is IDR200,000
~ any medical questions (ex. malaria meds) should be answered by your doctor before you depart
~ being informed about travel warnings or advisories is your responsibility
~ anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible party
~ Amy’s Place will keep all booking information secure, and will not forward it to any party, unless it’s a legal matter which directly affects us.

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