Never Ending Captivation


Something For Everyone


Variety is something you look for on a surf trip, especially a surf trip to indonesia. “The whole package” as they say. The surf in South Sumatra is that package. Krui Left is 5 minutes from Amy’s place, and is a wave that is suited to everyone because of its mechanical perfection. It’s a rampy, fun wave with a barrel section and is offshore when the trades blow (May-October). It’s best at mid tide, however can work on all tides, depending on the swell. While you’re sitting out at Krui Left, you can watch 2 more waves break that are within paddling distance. One is another left, that’s as mechanical and virtually guarantees a barrel. It’s fast wave, and only works on higher tides.

Krui, A Whole New Experience


The thriving metropolis (wink, wink) that is known as Krui, lies in South Sumatra. Like most places, Krui is progressing little by little. There’s a post office, but not a hospital. There are quicky-mart type stores, but not a grocery store. We’re off the beaten path, but not completely left behind. Krui is where you can come on your surf trip and experience ‘real Indonesia’, without leaving every basic necessity behind.

Living The Dream

from my very first surf trip, i pondered the thought of having my own little surf camp, in my own little piece of paradise. i think anyone who’s been on vacation anywhere, for any reason, has pondered the same. my dream came true in a little town called Krui, in south sumatra, Indonesia.

wow, that’d be amazing to live my life on a perpetual surf trip, and people pay me to stay there, because they’ve felt inspired to make new memories and get good waves.

all those little slices of heaven that you visit in your dreams, where life moves at a slower pace, the people are always smiling, and all you have to do is enjoy it.

yes, please, sign me up