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 Krui, South Sumatra, Indonesia

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Amy’s Villas sit on the beach near Krui, in South Sumatra, with a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. Krui is off the beaten path, but not completely left behind.

Looking up Sumatra’s coastline, it’s easy to see how so many wave options exist in one place. This area supplies a wave for every swell, tide, and wind direction. It also has absorbed very little western influence, so come prepared for an experience.

What sets Amy’s Villas aside is the massive garden. The property encompasses an acre and accommodates only 10 guests, so you can have as much or as little interaction as you like.

I take things like surf, bathrooms, adventure, beds, food, and cold beer seriously. I hope you do too.










what people are saying

We met Amy in the line up, started to chat and she told us about her place. We were curious so we stopped by the next day and immediately fell in love with this place. Big comfy rooms and beds, beautiful garden with a nice platform to watch breathtaking sunsets or to just enjoy the morning coffee and spot a dolphin if lucky ? delicious food and ...

Claudi Bu

I had the best stay at Amy's place! The location is great, with surf spots that are a short scooter ride. Super peaceful and mellow to chill out in her hammocks after a good surf. The staff is the friendliest people and they are super helpful. Plus the cook makes amazing food! The rooms were clean, nicely decorated and spacious with comfortable ...

Julia Ekström

Heaven on earth �
Where the waves are perfect and the beers are cold and the sunsets are gold
The food at the camp was the best food on island always fresh and no one got sick
I went to Amy's with a group of 4 and every one of us loved the place ! When the boys went surfing Amy and the girls would enjoy the day in the sun and wate...

Kenny Beaven

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Our 6th season has kicked off with a solid start. Lock your spot in now while you can.


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Amy’s is located at:

Jalan Pantai Wisata, Kampung Walur, Krui, Lampung 34874, Sumatra, Indonesia