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your financial situation

In short, bring enough Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) to cover your backside. Krui recently got a BNI bank branch, which has a very reliable ATM so it’s safe to say 2018 is the year you can actually draw cash here. There are no money changers in the area, so if you end up having to pay in cash of foreign currency, be warned that you’ll be supplied with an exchange rate that doesn’t favor you, as it’s difficult for me to change. I recommend changing your cash in the Jakarta airport.

IDR3,500,000 (~US$250)/week should take care of your bar tab, your motorbike, a few massages, & some purchases from the local market.


Bring what you need, along with backups.

Again, it’s a remote area. The local ding repair guy does a great job (and he makes some really amazing, custom fins). There is a local surf shop that has improved a bit. He sells used leashes, homemade wax, and some sunscreen. It’s better than nothing in a pinch, but you’d be happier with your own stuff. Bring it. Don’t count on being able to buy whatever you may need.

If you’re coming during peak season when the trade winds are blowing (July-Sept) you might want to bring a wetsuit top so you can surf longer and they’re always good for protection from the reef.

Getting Here

Fly into Bandar Lampung airport (TKG) from Jakarta (CGK)

We will organize your car from there. It’s a 6-hour drive (think of it as a good thing. It keeps the crowds down). We can also organize your flights from Jakarta if you’d like. However, I recommend checking the sites for

Garuda Air (the most reliable) :

Swirijaya Air :

Lion Air:

Garuda is by far the most reliable, and therefore the most expensive of the choices. It's money well spent. 

They allow you to book your own flights with a credit card. Allow a 3-hour minimum layover in Jakarta for international flights, whether coming or going.


Indonesia isn’t known for its internet.

But we do have free wi-fi, that’s good enough for checking/updating email and social media.

The area has gotten a few cafes that have great internet, and even better coffee. By all means go support them if you need a good dose of faster internet.


Average air & sea temperatures are about 27C/81F, though temperatures can dip around August. Average humidity is, well, it’s a lot.

Travel Must-Haves

Passport must have 6 months validity from entry, or they’re going to send you right back home. Seriously.

The visa situation has changed a little these days. Visa on arrival (VOA) is free for most countries, and valid for 30 days, but it’s not extendable under any circumstance and you must have proof of an onward ticket to qualify. Check the Indonesian consulate in your area to see if you’re from one of the qualifying countries.

There is a different type 30 day visa that costs US$35 and can be extended an additional 30 days, but extensions involve fingerprints and photographs, at the nearest immigration office which is 3.5 hours away. If you know you’re staying for 60 days, you’re much further ahead to arrange that visa before you leave your home country, from the consulate in you area.

Insurance: Please get it, and make sure it covers medi-vac and riding motorbikes. You never know when things might not go as planned. Again, this is a remote area.


Southern Sumatra is not considered a risky area. However anti-malarial medications are an individual choice.

It’s best you talk to your doctor about your concerns, and take basic precautions like bring a long sleeve shirt, long pants, & bug repellant for dusk and dawn.

Mosquito nets and mosquito repellent are provided for each bed.


The local villagers here are always smiling, waving, curious, and never tire of saying “Hello Mister”.

They are mostly of Muslim faith and, therefore, modest people. So when you’re outside of Amy’s Villas, please be mindful of their customs & traditions. If you have any questions in this regard, please ask.

Men & women alike should have their shoulders covered (a T shirt is fine), and shorts that cover the thighs will do the job.


At Amy’s Villas, we always have cold beer, but we don’t sell spirits (local custom). Duty Free alcohol is your choice. You’re allowed 1L per person and we charge IDR100,000 per bottle fee