You certainly won’t have to worry about starving to death here, or having to keep a schedule. The kitchen is open 7am-7pm, so you can eat around your surfing, rather than surfing around your eating. 

All meals are included, and most are authentic Indonesian, plus a few favorites from home (the US). All are prepared to a Western standard.

The kitchen crew take a lot of pride in a job well done, and nothing makes them happier than seeing you enjoy your meals. They’ll always go that extra step for you. Just ask. They are truly amazing, and I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have them here. I surely would've starved to death by now without their stellar efforts. 

The portions are generous and healthy, so you will have lots of energy for surfing. The menu is varied, and includes chicken and locally caught fish and seafood, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal. Please keep in mind that we are off the beaten track, and not everything is available all of the time. Our very own organic garden provides us with chilis, bananas, pineapple, coconut, passion fruit, papaya, dragon fruit, taro, cassava, and lemongrass - all of which get used on a daily basis.

Vegetarian or any allergies? Don’t fear! They’ve got you covered.

*The hunting and gathering are done each morning at the local market, so the food is always fresh.

**I have a firm “no MSG” rule.